Introduction- What Is Art?

As this question can be answered in lots of different ways, I decided firstly to write down for five minutes whatever came into my head about what I thought art was to me.  What is art? Notes-19th Jan-OCA

Yesterday I decided to take myself out for the afternoon with an idea that I would write things down that I perceived as being art. It was very cold outside and the light was white mixed with the dampness of the melted frost. I wrote down all of the things I saw and felt. I then went to the supermarket and found lots of shopping lists. I have collected old shopping lists for many years and to me they are small insights into a persons life. Mini art projects found in the aisles. I would love to know whose lists they are, what does that person look like? What do they do? Maybe I am just nosy.

Prawn sandwich, I think it says Quavers, drink and cob?


I like how on this one PETROL is imperative.


Everything is going well until the micro sausage. I was lucky enough to have some microwave sausages not long ago. It wasn’t a proper sausage.


Brown bread for Peter.



I like the shortened words on some lists and the spellings. C/O crisps and Yog.


I heard lots of animated conversations about wedding parties, saw neatly placed items all in colour order on the shelves in Marks and Spencers and then stood in a very long queue where I watched trolley loads of food go along very slowly to their final destination. What is art? Notes-20th Jan-OCA

Driving home the sun was very low and made everything look orange. It cast long shadows and it felt like everything had been painted red. With the evening being so clear as it rarely is in January, everything was bright and illuminated. After just three hours being out and writing, I felt that I had overlooked so many things that you normally don’t notice. The sights, smells, people, colours of the season, noises and conversations. I am going to try and keep this up by writing for just a few hours whilst I am out or taking pictures of things I like. I can’t really answer the original question yet as I saw so many different examples of what I could define as art in just three hours.

This picture to me is beautiful, the colour of the sky, the sun setting and casting long winter shadows on the wall,the colour of the bricks and the light. I might be biased as I like shadows and light so to me this is lovely, to others it is just the side of a house.


Different textures of brick and mortar split in half by the shadow. The colours appear washed out due to the winter sun but still with a tinge of gold.



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