Motif Magazine 1961- Hans Unger.

I have been trying to find old art books from the 60’s and 70’s to use as research for the course and for collage work. Motif was a magazine published from 1958 to 1967. There were 13 issues in total and the one I have is number 6 from Spring 1961. It was £1 in the charity shop and I grabbed it quick and held it close to me.

There is a piece on Design Observer about the magazine HERE

I loved the cover instantly and as I tend to use as lot of books to collage with I knew I could never cut this one up.

Front cover design by Hans Unger


untitled-54There is so much inside and my favourite is a piece by Hans Unger called Uganda. It is a series of drawings and paintings he made about a visit he made there. A lot are simple line drawings in ink and some are very brightly coloured etched prints.


This print is called ‘In the Banana Gardens’ and I love how he describes the scene. ‘the enormous leaves make a lovely pattern against the sky: the air is humid like a hothouse. (Unger, page 14, Motif 6) I can imagine the big green leaves against a blue sky, hot and humid and closed in with plants.



They are just so lovely and capture a time and place and the colours he has used conjure up Africa, the people, hot sand and hot sun.


On further reading about Hans Unger I found that he produced a lot of public information posters in the 1960’s and 70’s and they are beauties.

I love the way he draws and they are very nostalgic to me. I like the tiny ‘don’t’ and the man has gone red with embarrassment.


Keep Britain Tidy- Hans Unger, 1966- 27th January 2016

I like the simplicity of this poster and it tells you all you need to know using mosaic tiles and a limited colour palette.


Hans Unger, Busabout poster, 1970. ©TfL from the London Transport Museum collection, 27th January 2016

I think this is my favourite as look at those blues! It is very calming and I keep looking at it and how it changes, the lines, the colour and the limited information. I can feel a Hans Unger book collection coming on.


Hans Unger, Waterside London poster, 1972. © TfL from the London Transport Museum collection, 27th January 2016

There is more about Hans Unger HERE and HERE.

All websites and links accessed 27th January 2016.


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