Project 1- Art and Ideas-Exercise 1.

Exercise 1- First responses to Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain. 1950. (replica of 1917 original) (porcelain urinal)

Image from – accessed 16th February 2016.


Thoughts- Chipped, messy, pot,clay, I am really looking at a toilet. It really is a toilet. Painted over. Could be turned into a nice plant pot? Was this really exhibited? What happened to the original piece? I feel it is a bit of an odd thing to call art or maybe it is meant as a joke to see how far the artist could take it. I feel a bit indifferent about it as it’s a urinal. Does it smell? Did he pull the original off a wall and declare ‘This is art’? What does it mean? Is there a story attached to it? Why is it deemed a piece of art? I don’t think it is art as it is a toilet.


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