Project 1-Exercise 5 -Finding out more.

‘Look for still life art that includes fish and make a sketch of the pieces’ Easy right? So to my searching of which I typed into Google ‘artists who have painted fish’. I decided to place two pictures I liked in my log and then write my thoughts.

I saw this image in the search list and I really liked it.


Still Life with Carp, 1864 by Edouard Manet-– Accessed 18th April 2016.

My initial notes and thoughts on the piece are-

Is that a snake? No its an eel. That’s a red snapper isn’t it? There is what looks like parsley. The colours are true to the subject but they look a bit haunted, maybe it is late evening. I like the copper and texture of the pan and the yellow of the lemon against the tablecloth, the colours of which draw my eyes into the piece.

My second search revealed this image,

Jan van Os, 1744 – 1808 Fruit, Flowers and a Fish 1772 Oil on mahogany, 72.2 x 56.7 cm Presented by George Holt of Liverpool, 1892 NG1380 Accessed 8th April 2016

I really liked this painting as it has so much going on. The tower of fruit and some of it quite luxurious, the muted colours, they look like they would feel like velvet if touched especially the grapes. I like the use of a sprout stalk incorporated with the flowers and the fish on the side of its silver dish with what looks like gooseberries. The mixtures of different greens and blues and the whole piece is very grand. Each time you look at it there’s more to see again.

I have never heard of Khan Academy before so my mind was hurting at all the new knowledge I had learnt from the fish pictures and then after watching this video my mind was truly full.– Accessed 18th April 2016

My notes- I never knew there were two sharks!



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