Project 2-Time and Time -Based Media.

‘In his Confessions, St Augustine (AD354–430) asked “What then is time? If no one asks me, I know but if I wanted to explain it to one who asks me…I plainly do not know.” When we say ‘time’ what do we mean? We could be considering several questions. Why do some periods of five minutes seem longer than others? Who decided how long a second is? If we don’t exist does time continue to pass? How do we experience time when we think about events in the past or future? How does geological time relate to cosmic time or biological time? There is much that remains unanswered regarding our understanding of time and it’s a subject that fascinates many artists. Though art in all forms can clearly contemplate time, as you’ve seen in the section on vanitas painting in Project 1, ‘time-based media’ is a particularly interesting area to explore due to the very nature of the way it can mirror time and takes place in its own time frame in relation to it. Time-based media is a term used to cover sound, video, film, performance, and any other media which is duration based.’

Accessed 25th April 2016-



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