Project 2, Exercise 1 -The fourth dimension.

In dimensions we have;

1 dimension – the dot

2 dimensions- the line:drawing or painting

3 dimensions – the cube:sculpture

4 dimensions –  time:sound,film,video ,performance.

(extract taken from- Project 2, Exercise 1 -The fourth dimension course notes- 3rd May 2016)

Time or the passing of it can mean a lot of different things to people. The passage of time is an obvious one, ageing, looking different, changing, different scenes, past loves, things you used to like doing, landscapes, seasons, the weather, careers, photographs, places, friends, family, pets. It is when you hear a piece of music and you are immediately transported back to the time and the place where you were when you first heard it. Smells can remind you of places, holidays, countries and people. You start to regress and think about those times and then bring yourself back into the moment and surroundings you are in now. Sometimes feeling better for the memory, sometimes feeling worse.

I used to watch a kids programme when I little called Bernard’s Watch –  (accessed 4th May 2016 ) He was able to stop time with the help of a magic stop watch he found. To me this was wonderful and I always wanted a watch like his so I could wander off by myself nosing at things, pause things and then start them again. Another programme I watched was called Out of this world -(accessed 4th May 2016) Where a girl called Evie is half human, half alien and she has magical powers. She would stop time by pressing her two index  fingers together and then restart time by clapping. As an eight year old this was the best thing I had ever seen but watching it again now it is really dated.

I have never really thought about time in relation to art except from when looking through my own past work or by visiting a gallery or exhibition of older artists work. I felt like this visiting Monet’s Garden and his house. I can now look back at photographs and work that I made when I was at college nearly 15 years ago and feel that I have a  better understanding of it. I have images on slide film that I really hated at the time of taking and only now can I look at them and like them. Is that because time has passed? Is it the medium that I have used that brings back some nostalgia?  Do I finally understand what it was my 19 year old self wanted to say?

‘Usually time-based media are video, slide, film, audio or computer based. Part of what it means to experience the art is to watch it unfold over time according to the temporal logic of the medium as it is played back’– accessed 4th May 2016

My Bed, by Tracey Emin, to me is a time based artwork as it provides the artist and the viewer with a snapshot of a time, place and a feeling that was her life at the time. It is like looking at old photographs and seeing what your childhood bedroom used to look like or the lino tiles your parents had in the kitchen in the 80’s. They take you back to a time that you may have forgotten and show you things that you hadn’t thought about since that time.

My Bed 1998 by Tracey Emin born 1963

 My Bed 1998 Tracey Emin -accessed 4th May 2016

Merlyn Oliver Evans, The Conquest of Time.

The Conquest of Time 1934 by Merlyn Oliver Evans 1910-1973

The Conquest of Time, 1934,  Merlyn Oliver Evans 1910-1973– accessed 5th May 2016

‘According to the artist (notes, 9 August 1967), The subject is the Conquest of Time. The central image is ornithomorphic and presents Timelessness’. He explained in conversation that the reference is to the kingfisher, still beside the moving river, who occasionally plucks a fish from it, and that the theme relates to the possibility of an art which is timeless, as classical Greek art was. The reduction of colour and the isolation of the image within the field of the picture are part of the expression of timelessness.’

Taken from-– accessed 5th May 2016

I had to really study this piece to try and work out what it was I was looking at. I think it gives the impression of time, of waiting, things getting older and harder. I like the colours of the piece as they have faded with passing time and events but they were deliberately painted this way. I don’t know what my thoughts are about the piece if I am honest. I think it is probably timeless as the artist mentioned as I don’t look at it and think it is dated or old fashioned. Could it be quite modern? I don’t know.

All websites and links accessed 3rd/4th/5th May 2016.


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