PROJECT 2, Exercise 2-Interpreting video art.

Sam Taylor-Wood’s Still Life.– accessed 5th May 2016
Sam Taylor-Wood, Still Life 2001, Film still- taken from –– accessed 5th May 2016

My first response to the piece was interest more than anything. I liked the cleanness of the fruit, the set-up and the BIC Biro laid on the side. It was a nice scene that started to turn into something from an old schools science video. I think the artist wanted us to see the piece as a degradation of time. That things and objects decay and leave a trail of what they once were. The fruit is a living organism and they are prone just as humans to have things happen. In this case the fruit is left to decay over time and becomes eaten by flies, giving them a new life from the rotting fruit. I like how the mould on the table grows and as it has nothing to keep it growing it dissipates. I think the piece has been influenced by time, life and death. It is a life span of an object shown to age and decay. The pen however made of plastic does not decay. It stays the same throughout. The artists works with still life a lot or around people doing things or showing emotions that they normally wouldn’t such as David and Crying Men.

In her work a Little Death the same still life principle applies but this time it was more dramatic with the hare being eaten by maggots. I had to hide behind my teacup for most of it as it was horrible but that is what it is about. Life and death and the death giving life to something else. It is quite grim though so don’t watch it before bed time or before you eat! I do like how the peach stays peachy throughout.– accessed 5th May 2016

All websites accessed 5th May 2016


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