Project 3, Exercise 2-Developing Research Skills.

Katie Paterson is another new artist to research for me. Looking at her work entitled  ‘Vatnajökull (the sound of)’ A live phone–line to Vatnajökull glacier seems very interesting.


Taken from –– accessed 6th May 2016

Looking at other works she has made such as 100 Billion Suns and The Dying Star Letters the artist shows lots of different processes in her work and how it is presented and seen by the viewer is also important to her. The audience participation and the bigger thinking of the work is also important for it all to flow together.

100 Billion Suns-Taken from- 6th May 2016

The variety of different mediums in her work such as audio, film and photographs make each piece she creates very unique to the subject.


The Dying Star Letters- Taken from-– accessed 6th May 2016

Vatnajokull (sounds of)

‘An underwater microphone lead into Jökulsárlón lagoon – an outlet glacial lagoon of Vatnajökull, filled with icebergs – connected to an amplifier, and a mobile-phone, which created a live phone line to the glacier. The number +44(0)7757001122 could be called from any telephone in the world, the listener put through to Vatnajökull. A white neon sign of the phone number hung in the gallery space’

Taken from –– accessed 6th May 2016

The piece has had a lot of thought go into it and is quite a technical feat. I love the idea of a live phone line to the glacier. The audience who came to visit the installation or who just rang the number from their house had a direct line straight to a GLACIER! I think that is pretty cool.


Vatnajokull (sounds of)-Taken from –– accessed 6th May 2016

The phone call you made would have been live so each person who called would hear a different sound due to the movements of the ice, time of day, weather etc.

The fact that you can hear the glacier is very moving. I think that you could really get into all the sounds and meanings. Was it really melting? Where is it moving too? How old is it? Looking at Paterson’s other work a lot of it is influenced by the bigger world around us, space, global warming and the universe. Glaciers are magnificent things, they made mountains so it is a very sad piece but also very grand. I feel it gives the viewer and the listener excitement without maybe giving the real reason behind it which could be that the glacier is melting and moving and it shouldn’t be.


Vatnajokull (sounds of)-Taken from –– accessed 6th May 2016

I have a love for neon and the phone number to ring the glacier is up there on the wall for all to see. It is like a badge of honour. The recording of the glacier is now preserved as an audio recording as it may no longer be there, quite possibly it isn’t. Without the audio element the piece is still good but it needs to all be together as one piece, the light, the phone,the set and the noises. I would say that it is a site specific piece as the glacier is in the same area but it moves with time, which cannot be helped or stopped.



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