Assignment 1 Reflection/Feedback

Demonstration of subject knowledge– I have referenced ‘What is art’ using research from my learning log and I have demonstrated a knowledge of Jeremy Dellers work and the context in which the artwork was created. I have referenced the documentary and the people mentioned and also mentioned and written about the time period the work was set in.

Demonstration of research skills– I have researched the study of art and made references to the projects and visits I have made throughout. I have made references to the documentary, to any reviews, persons mentioned and researched the works of Jeremy Deller and referenced them.

Demonstration of critical and evaluation skills– I feel I have shown critical thinking throughout the assignment and I have discussed my thoughts about the piece in my conclusion for both parts.

Communication– I feel my writing is understandable and flows and I have presented my assignment with an introduction, middle and a conclusion with paragraphs and links attached for both parts.


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