Conclusion to Part One-Creative Arts Today.

Coming to the end of the first section has been like a dream. I started off slowly and then got progressively slower but now I have finished the first part and have completed my first assignment I feel a bit better. I have been surprised by just how much work and learning I have to do and I am also pleased at how many new artists I have discovered, just by answering questions and researching the information. When I first started researching Duchamp’s fountain I felt a bit flat as I didn’t get it and I didn’t understand it. I have learnt in just these past two weeks that I don’t necessarily have to and I can interpret just like anybody else whatever they want to see and how they want to see it.

I really liked Longplayer and Katie Patersons work and I will be looking into them further and finding out more about them in my own time.

I have found these past few months quite stressful and as if I was never going to get going but by just reading more and researching everything I need to I am feeling a lot more confident about the next part.

My two trips out produced more than I realised as I ended up finding out so much information about things that I hadn’t originally gone for. I am hoping to be able to meet up with other students on other study trips in the future as it would be nice to share thoughts with others rather than visiting by myself.

I found by further research an artist called Amedeo Modigliani. I love his pictures so much and the figures he paints are so beautiful and interesting. The Tate will be having an exhibition of his next year and I would really like to visit it if I can.


Girl with Braids-– assessed 8th May 2016

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