Project 1- The Craft of Writing-Exercise 1

When you take a story from its source and make it permanent in print it is immediately out in the world for people to see. A larger audience will be able to see the story and words and if it isn’t properly quoted or changed then mistakes may occur with it in the future. For example; I could write a story on this log and somebody may copy it, include it in a book in print format or in a magazine and claim it as their own as it has been written now, in print by them. It may be changed previous to printing and the story could be completely different from the original with only a few parts that have stayed the same. It could be translated and the meaning lost. Once in print it could be mass-produced. It can be accessed quickly and if it has changed a lot since the first drafts, who does the original text then belong to? How do you find the original source if for example this log was deleted? Now imagine it is in print; with a different authors name attached to the work. How can you rectify this?  The original writings could turn up years later in print and then be seen, would this then be infringement on your copyright when it was originally taken and made into something else? Is evidence required?



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