Project 1, Exercise 2, 24 Hours of Everything.

I liked the idea of this exercise very much. I have never really thought about writing down or taking into account all of the things that I may do in a 24 hour time frame as mainly you just do things without much thought. I started my list from 8:30pm in the evening on the 6th July.-NB-  I didn’t read the jelly packet for half an hour, about 5 minutes whilst I made some.


Morning through the curtains, 8.30am


Dinnertime in the park, 1.30pm- This was quite a nice break and I saw a lot of crows shouting at each other. I gave them half of my pasty to eat and they liked that.


Break time in work. I was surprised at the weather as it had been so gloomy for most of the day. I like how the afternoon sun made things glow.


Still a bit of light at quarter to eleven.I always feel sad knowing that the late nights will soon be getting shorter and by November this will be a scene from 4pm .



I like to go out to the shops, not necessarily to buy anything but just to look at things and see new designs and styles. I liked this towel arrangement but I couldn’t help feeling that it needed work and the colour schemes needed sorting better. I’m not happy with the rust or lime green at the ends.


This flower bush was in the shop car park. I liked how it looked a bit like a pompom and the leaves looked they had been iced over but it smelled really bad like rotten meat and I don’t know whether that was the plant or something had died in it.


Late evening shadows on my paper.


Pie for tea.


At around 9pm, bats fly around outside my window. If you stand in the garden you can hear their wings cracking as they fly over your head.


I found this task to be good but a lot to think about as well. Having to stop to think and write down what you have been doing along with really trying to work out the things you are doing I found difficult. Although I was working for most of one of the days I still found time to look at things. I liked the tea room as it was very quiet, just me with a cup of tea and the afternoon sun. Reading my books, listening to music, noticing plants and eating a lovely pie.  I can’t say if it is art as to me it is just things that I may do and see during the day, as well as other things that I may do like going to work, going to the shops or giving some pasty to the park crows.


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