Research Point-Poetics-Six Elements.

From Aristotle to Vogler.

“For me it is impossible to write a film without first writing a story. A film depends on more than plot, it depends on a certain measure of characterisation, on mood and atmosphere […]” Graham Greene (1999, p.123)

Aristotle’s treatise, Poetics (c.335 BC) is the earliest surviving work on dramatic theory. Essentially, it’s an instruction manual on how to write a good play. Aristotle lists, in order of importance, the six elements that determine the quality of a play: • Plot • Character • Thought (theme) • Diction (expression of meaning) • Song • Spectacle Aristotle’s first four elements are essential to the construction of a story, any story in any form.

P71- 12th July 2016

The book I am currently reading is called Pompidou Posse  by Sarah Lotz


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Plot-‘It’s the late 80s and British teenagers Vicki and Sage go on the run in Paris after burning down their art school pottery shed. Penniless, homeless, and worst of all, out of cigarettes, it isn’t long before they find themselves living on the streets.’ 12th July 2016

Character- Vicki and Sage, two best friends living in  1980’s Paris with a big cast list of variable people they meet. Sage writes in a diary style throughout the book at certain intervals.

Thought-friendship, hard, frightening, growing up, acceptance.

Diction- Homelessness, freedom, friendship, the 1980’s, the other sides of a city, the past.

All websites and links accessed 12th July 2016.


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