Project 3, Exercise 3, Close Reading of Fern Hill By Dylan Thomas.Pt.2

dylan thomas


The mood of the poem is very childlike at the beginning and care free, as if a memory of a  secret place is being described almost one that you wouldn’t have thought existed. A place that you would want to visit. Happiness at first and nostalgic but the end of the poem finishes with a death tone, as if Thomas is writing it as a peace to something or someone. A bit sad and as if all of this he is describing isn’t there anymore but he is refusing to let the memory of it go.

There are a lot of repetitive words Thomas uses such as ‘Green and Golden’ and it conjures up place as you can see and feel the golden sun, see the green and golden fields as if it is shining at him and us the reader. The theme is the countryside and with a childlike view of the world around him he describes a place in time that he knows and still feels. ‘Golden in the heydays of his eyes’ reminiscing about being younger and feeling that you could do anything you wanted and go anywhere. I remember feeling like that too. Alliteration from earlier in the course is used as there is a rhythm to the words written, ‘golden in the mercy of his means’  ‘in the pebbles of the holy streams’

It is a very personal piece as if Fern Hill is his, this memory is his alone and he is now telling it to the reader as an image or recollection of a better time. Imagery and time play a big part in the poem as reading it I can see where he is, I can see the apple boughs full, the grass, the walk to the hill and then stopping to look and survey what is all around me. I can smell the outdoors, the air, hear the birds and feel quite peaceful.

Themes I have noticed in the poem are; Growing up, reminiscing, nostalgia for a simpler time, nature, secrecy,  time passing, sadness, remembrance, youth, peace.

I think the poem is saying that time and place is important to us. That we need to remember and feel as we felt at these particular times. Even though time has changed him and we change, it is important to remember when we were younger and not necessarily dwell and wish different just think how we felt and to remember the places and the times. How many times have you looked at a photograph of yourself from say ten years ago and thought ‘I don’t recognise that person’ I have, quite a lot and maybe I should reconnect with these images and these times I had in my life. Appreciating more of what is around you and what is happening is what I think Thomas is trying to do and having thoughts of things changing or that you may never see these places again can cause sadness. By recognising this I think we and Thomas can appreciate more from now on.

‘All the sun long it was running, it was lovely’ stayed with me when reading the poem. It reminds me of long summer days when I was child, days that went on forever, it was hot all day and the sun would follow you around and time wasn’t really a thinking point. Now I am older I have more idea of the time and place of the day and how the shadows can tell you the time, tell you the seasons and tell you that the days are changing. Time is precious and it is hard to believe that maybe a day you have spent in the house,  cleaning and doing housework in your pyjamas you wont be able to get back. Even though it is what you wanted to do on that day, that day is gone and there will always be cleaning to do. Everything is marked by time and it scares me a bit how fast it is passing.




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