Conclusion to Part 2- Creative Writing.

I feel after completing the second part of the course that I do know more about creative writing than when I started as I hadn’t ever really gone this in depth with it before. I am not a great reader of poetry or dissecting it so that was interesting to start doing. Learning about narratives and plots and how stories move through themselves has been good but I do feel that looking back over my writing diary and posts I have made on my learning log that I haven’t gotten that into them and I have felt like I was just going through what was expected for the exercises, which is my own fault as I should have planned them a bit better.

I have found this section of the course to be very draining. I have understood what has been asked but I have struggled to make it feel something and be interesting. I watched The Road on DVD years ago and it was extremely depressing then and to re-read it and write about it I found was very testing and I don’t think I covered it well.

Poetic devices was a new thing as once you realise what the forms are, what examples they are in and how they fit together in a piece it is interesting, so finding my own for this exercise gave me a little boost as I managed to look at a lot of poems and poets I had never heard of and get an idea of their work.

The close reading of ‘Fern Hill’ by Dylan Thomas, I thought was quite good once I had read and then re read it a few times to get a proper feel for the poem. I don’t think I will be reading it again. I really don’t want to sound awful but it just didn’t interest me. I understood and liked the poem and it brought lots of memories to mind of the seasons and the weather and the countryside and the changes that happen but that was all.

The piece I chose for my assignment I liked and thought I would approach something different than poetry or prose. I felt a bit deflated by the section at this point until TOTP2 came on with Soft Cell all in pink lighting. I forgot how much I liked it and that it’s so kitsch and dramatic and like a piece of performance art with how many emotions are used in two minutes.  As it is a song I like I thought that by dissecting it, it might make the section feel better for me. It has slightly but I now cannot get the opening ‘Standing in the door …’ out of my head. Close listening has replaced close reading for my assignment and in the end I was living the song and being all of the parts in it. I am still unsure as to what has gone on that evening and who started what, but I still like it all the same. I don’t want to discount this section as it has been completely new and good to investigate and I do think a lot more about plots when I am reading and listening to songs and recognise rhythmic and rhymes, much to my annoyance. -accessed 21st September 2016.Searched for ‘Say Hello, Wave Goodbye’






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