Visits- An Eye for Colour-Liverpool World Museum and surroundings.

Back In May I visited Liverpool World Museum to see their Eye for Colour exhibition.

‘Returning to World Museum for its 10th anniversary, having been seen by a more than a million people across Europe, Eye For Colour is a visual feast of an exhibition that will alert the senses and stimulate the mind.

This inspiring family-friendly exhibition is packed with hands-on exhibits and interactive displays, exploring the endless ways in which colour shapes our world.’

In the exhibition you can find out:

how colour is formed

how artists use colour in creativity

how animals use colour as camouflage – changing colour to blend in with their environment

how some birds and reptiles use colour to stand out from the crowd – altering their colour to attract a mate

From –


I was greeted by this rather large eye as I walked in and I liked it very much. I wish I had a big eye like this in my house. I seemed to gravitate towards the mood rooms which were really lovely and I didn’t want to come out of them.



The colours were beautiful and they changed really slowly so you didn’t really notice the transition.


This view showed what it was like to look through various insects eyes, I didn’t write them down as I had forgotten my pen but I know a bluebottle was one.



I liked this one the best as it is like a disco ball, if only you could see like this all the time.


Three colours that our eyes need to see and compare colour.



A breakfast of colour blindness. I really liked this part of the exhibition as I don’t know much about being colour blind so it was interesting to see the differences of how I see things-which isn’t very well with a cataract and not being able to differentiate between colour.


After leaving here I went round a few more floors of the museum. I very much liked this skeleton who I named Algernon.


Butterflies and bugs in cases.


Moving on into town I came past my favourite old shop fronting which is now sold and will be probably made into a pub. I always loved the font on the antiques sign and I wonder where it will now end up.


Inside 😦


Walking further on I visited The Metropolitan Cathedral as I love the doors and the concrete.


They have a very excellent shop full of things like these tasteful statues, but maybe not in the excellent way I am thinking of.


William Mitchell goodness.


Considering it was May it was absolutely freezing and very windy but I just love the colours of the concrete as the sun hits it.









Aah The Futurist. It has been on the demolition list for a while now, most of the street has been really. I think it is already nice and gritty but despite a campaign to save it and the facade, it is now being demolished.

There is a bit about it here –

….and what it will look like once regenerated-

….and it being demolished-


I am glad I go to see it one last time before it goes.


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