Assignment 2-Reflection/Feedback

Demonstration of subject knowledge- I have referenced the piece I used ‘Say Hello,Wave Goodbye’ and I feel I have interpreted it and given my thoughts about the detail and feelings of the piece.

Demonstration of research skills- I have researched the craft of writing and how stories are formed and made. I have read through the exercises that were close reading examples and texts.

Demonstration of critical and evaluation skills- I  think I have shown critical thinking throughout this assignment and I have discussed my thoughts about the piece in my conclusion.

Communication- I feel my writing is understandable and flows well and I have presented my assignment with an introduction, middle and a conclusion with paragraphs and links attached.

Bing Image Search

I struggled with the second part of this assignment as I generally lost interest in it all. Creative writing isn’t something that I enjoy. A set topic of writing about something I do not want to write about became a bit much. I guess we all come across such things at some point and read, use and need it but I felt quite bored whilst trying to research.  I now know what I chose was a bit ridiculous and I missed the point of it. I am hoping to rework it at some stage in the next few months.

The feedback I received from my tutor was very positive and I suppose if your in a funny head space with a piece of work, to have somebody spell it out to me what I was supposed to be doing and the things I had missed, I reckon I understand the massive chunks I chose to ignore that were important to the final piece.

I have changed my blog around so I have better drop downs so I can keep track of what I am doing and where things are.

The last part of my feedback was a call for me to visit more galleries and artworks and I am pleased to say that over the summer and autumn I did. These will all feature in future visits posts.


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