Project 1, Exercise 1, Identifying Visual Communications.

Persuasive visual communication aims to convince, entice or direct the viewer for commercial, political or social ends. It relies on the viewer to make their own decisions about what they have seen and how they interpret it. Persuasive communication can go both ways, it can be good for changing a persons mind about something they do, use, eat or believe in or it can be used to teach about new or bad ways of thinking, that are the opposite.



Bing Image Search accessed 28th December 2016

Delivering information through communication is everywhere. From road signs, shop signs, book covers, magazines, maps, leaflets. It is presented in ways that make people understand. The use of illustrations around the subject are usually present and give the viewer more to go off through thought and imagination.

original– Accessed 15th December 2016

festival-of-britain-map1951– accessed 12th December 2016

batmobile-manual-1– Accessed 28th December 2016

Alternative messages and ways of communication especially over the past few years has had a resurgence. The popularity of DIY culture and their communities give voices to movements and protests quickly and easily. They evoke feelings that can be related to and that people want to be a part of. The involvement, the making, the seeing and the distributing is all important and is used widely.

cb07 20th December 2016

5579031133_c780f95a36– accessed 13th December 2016

rgminizine001_custom-eb09ec7abd43cd7c9b1bf7649d3b27b8eb50fe71-s6-c30 Accessed 1st January 2017

All websites and links accessed 12th December- 1st January 2017 consecutively.


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