Project 2, Exercise 1, Combining Visual Elements-Mixed Messages.

Enjoy your stay

This message comes across as a greeting and polite however the font is very ‘Ye Olde’ so it could be used as a font for a themed establishment, for example a Victorian Gothic hotel, haunted castle, old 1800’s themed bar. It is trying very hard and I think it is more at home on a fairground ghost train as one of those ‘funny’ signs before you get water squirted at you.  I wouldn’t believe it if I was staying in a hotel and they had this sign up that they would want me to enjoy my stay with this font.

Do not feed the animals they are dangerous

This makes me want to feed the animals with this quiet whisper of a font. It is a sneaky one that I might think ‘Oh go on, just a little bit of your sandwich wont hurt’ It needs to be shouty, black bold capital font to make people aware JUST HOW DANGEROUS THE ANIMALS ARE! It has no impact in its current state.

We are professionals

It reminds me of a typewriter courier font. It could be part of a letter not necessarily the actual business/company font. It is nice and seems like an approachable statement but not looking like that. If your telling me your a professional on your branding I would think, why didn’t you use a better font? Unless it is used in a type written letter to someone then ok but not in real life.


With the amount of fonts and lettering that are out there that can be deemed luxurious this one isn’t. It looks a bit cheap and as if they needed a font for their packaging quick so any one will do. I wouldn’t buy from them as it is just not luxury. A block font or something handwritten/swirled or neat may have made a big difference. It reminds me of an oriental style, for example bath oils but I don’t want them.

Hand made

I like this one as it does look like it would appear on something handmade. It is lower case and quiet and gives the ‘hand made’ warm feel to it. Maybe this would be part of a handmade knitted jumper and this would be the font on the sticker or tag that has wrapped up the nice handmade jumper into its nice box.



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