Visits-Francis Bacon-Invisible Rooms. Tate Liverpool.

As I have been visiting places,taking pictures of them, collecting leaflets and then acting like I never went in the first place, I have decided to look back on my last years visits and get myself in order.

I am going to try and start 2017 by writing about the places I visit the same day I have been but I say this a lot and I will probably be here this time next year writing the very exact words about things I saw six months earlier.

So firstly working through the list is Francis Bacons– Invisible Rooms at Tate Liverpool. This was the biggest exhibition of his paintings displayed in the north and as I had only ever seen the odd one or two pieces of his work it was exciting to go and see such a big exhibition. I was a little overpowered at first as there was so much to see, over 30 of them all starting from the early 50’s onward.

I loved the blues and shapes in this picture. I like the expression on the woman’s face and she looks like she knows things.


Francis Bacon, 1909–1992 Portrait of Isabel Rawsthorne Standing in a Street in Soho 1967 Oil paint on canvas 1980 x 1475 mm © The Estate of Francis Bacon. All rights reserved. DACS 2016. Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Nationalgalerie. Acquired by the state of Berlin-Taken from –

I wasn’t sure if you were allowed to take pictures so I very quietly got just this one on my phone. It was really busy and there were two big audience talks on so I felt I couldn’t do the proper gallery thing of standing and looking for a long time at the pictures. This is completely my own fault for going in the last week of it and not being bossy enough.


‘An opera of gaping mouths and writhing figures’: Triptych, 1967 by Francis Bacon. Photograph: © The Estate of Francis Bacon. All Rights Reserved. DACS 2016- Picture © Emma Graney

I really enjoyed the pictures I saw, even though a lot of them I did just stare at and have to move from. I especially liked the glass cabinets full of his diaries, drawings and letters. I would have liked to have looked at these longer but it was a rolling road of walking going on and I couldn’t take pictures.


‘Outstandingly sinister’: From Muybridge, The human Figure in Motion: Woman Emptying a Bowl of Water/ Paralytic Child Walking on All Fours, 1965. Photograph: © The Estate of Francis Bacon. All rights reserved. DACS 2016

I wish I had read more about his papers as they were really fascinating and lots of them were only discovered after his death.


Francis Bacon
Figure Crawling c.1957-61

I did however get a nice guide and some postcards.

©Dan Feltham

I hope something like this comes back up north again and I will plan a better visit as it was definitely a two visit trip.  I didn’t see the Maria Lassnig exhibition as I had to go quick as I didn’t have enough money left to pay for my car parking. I had spent it all earlier on, on postcards and some treacle toffee.

There are lots of things to read about the exhibition here;

All websites and links accessed 21st November 2016.


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