Project 2, Exercise 3, Film Posters.

2014-12-12-frank Vilar- accessed 18th January 2017

I’ve picked the film poster Frank from 2014 to look at, which was inspired by the character of Frank Sidebottom. This poster is one of three designs so it isn’t the main theatrical one and I like that about it. It is about a young musician who wants to be famous, who ends up joining a group whose front man, called Frank wears a big Papier-mâché head and the story continues- in case you haven’t seen it. I saw it for the first time last year and I loved it.

If I take away the fact that I have seen the film but pretend I haven’t, I am instantly drawn to the colour used on the background and the obvious big head image. If I didn’t know that it was based on Frank Sidebottom or the relevance he was to me when I was growing up or if I had never heard of him,  I know I would have to see the film based on this poster alone.

I wouldn’t say it is powerful, more intriguing and interesting.  The font is hand drawn and is scratchy DIY looking in its style and it matches the background being white and different to the top font. I like that the top font is smaller but written in capital but tells you everything, is well spaced but the main draw is the image. It is quite serene and intriguing and it draws the viewer into the image and the story. It leaves a lot to the imagination as it doesn’t really tell you anything except for the tag line ‘When you think you’ve gone far enough, go farther.

Watch the trailer here-– accessed 18th January 2017

I am going to make a special effort this year to Visit Timperley and see the Frank Sidebottom statue as it is wonderful.

Also this, which confirms I didn’t imagine it-

All websites and links accessed- 18th January 2017.


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