Project 3, Exercise 1- What does this apple mean?

At first glance at Magritte’s Apple portrait,the literal description in front of me is that it is an apple. In order to understand the meanings further, I have researched images that I have found online which take the form of paintings and advertisements.


Son of Man.Rene Magritte 1946-– accessed 14th January 2017

I have seen this painting many times, on adverts and in art books and it has always fascinated me. For the time it was painted, I guess it was odd. The apple directed in front of the face could be interpreted as something hidden? The man is dressed in a suit and a bowler hat, is he hiding from something? Further research has told me that the man is Magritte himself so is he hiding? The title of the painting Son of Man, is it religious? Does it have something to do with an apples representation of being the forbidden fruit? Is it a message about humanity? son of god? it is all very confusing but I like the painting regardless.


Still Life with Apples and Oranges- 1895 Paul Cezanne-– accessed 14th January 2017

Mixing in oranges with the apples in this portrait gives a very serene looking view. The cloths falling off the side of the table, the colours and kitchen items used to hold the fruit. It gives me the impression and whether this is just the colours of the painting, of late September, picking apples and harvesting them ready to be used. I think Cezanne wanted to show a well stocked harvest and an abundance of apples. That is a nice way of thinking about it.


The Wicked Queen and Snow White-– accessed 17th January 2017

Oh dear, poor Snow White and her bad apple. It represents all that is wrong and bad and the impending fate Snow White will face once she has eaten it. It is determined as a thing of beauty and was played to her that if she ate it all her dreams would come true. I suppose they did in the end but still it would make you think twice if you were offered an apple from a little old lady in the future. It represents a forbidden fruit but not sexually, that this apple, a fruit that many enjoy has been poisoned. Poisoned apple is now a by word for revenge ‘Oh it was like a poisoned apple to her/him’

apple-computer-logo– accessed 17th January 2017

Apple and their branding is known everywhere, it is probably the most famous apple picture in the world as everybody can recognise it. This is one of the first logos used for the business and as time went on it has stayed the same but evolved into a more curvier and slick image. accessed 17th January 2017

The logo is modern and the bite taken out makes it clear it is an apple. I don’t really have any deep thoughts on the logo or its meaning other than it has always been around since I was born at least. Maybe it is another take on the apple being the fruit or food of life or forbidden maybe? Apple has completely revolutionised our computers and lifestyle, so maybe it is fitting for it to be a simple apple as a lot has come out of it.

The simplicity of using an apple as a logo or design for something can be seen as a sin, redemption, poison, sexual, life giver, health, wealth. It seems to me that it represents knowledge and a hidden meaning or power within in it.

All websites and links accessed – 14th-17th January 2017.


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