Project 3, Exercise 2, Join the Navy.

Join the Navy Poster - exercise

My first thoughts about this image are that I see a very happy sailor sitting on what looks to be a torpedo, gliding through the waves in a very jovial manner. It conjures up power with the ‘Fighting Men’ tag line. It is literally saying , ‘Look you can do this! Your a fighting man!’

The posters connotation is that by telling the viewer to join the Navy he could also look like this, fresh and fit and riding a torpedo -perhaps a submarine connotation, through the waves all masculine and big. The torpedo and the man sat on it could be seen as a bit sexual and would bring a view of being a real tough guy, a fighting man. I suppose in 1917 it was seen as a good way of recruiting and showing the potential of what you could become and how your life could change if only you joined the Navy and straddled a torpedo of power.

master-nurse_poster– accessed 17th January 2017

I chose to look at this NHS poster from 2008 of a nurse in roller boots. The tag line is ‘We’re making sure you’re treated faster’ I don’t know where to begin with it. The ‘We’re’ and the ‘You’re’ upsets me as I much prefer we are and you are, it is more personal and as if you are talking to me.

My thoughts at first where that it is a poster for patients to look at in the waiting room, to give a sense of relief that their hiatus hernia will be whipped out in less than 5 months time instead of 23 years. It is kind of like ‘oh, you will still have a wait but look we are going dead quick now, even quicker than before as the nurses have roller boots!’ Roller boots – faster, pink as she is a girl- obviously, in lines- a confident skater, a nurse with a clipboard, maybe a ward sister as clipboards make you look efficient apparently. I think it is a terrible poster to be honest and not a very good way of trying to educate. The connotation is that the nurse in charge is doing everything she can and now she has these new skates- meaning we have cleared up a lot of stuff and now we will work even harder than we already do to get you seen..maybe. What it fails to mention is that waiting lists have always been around, it is not the nurse that is to blame for the waiting time and to rush and insinuate is just silly. I think I hate this poster.

All websites and links accessed 17th January 2017.


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