Project 4 Time and Place.

‘We read magazines because we want to find out what’s new. The here and now drives
many aspects of visual communication, along with much contemporary culture.
Visually, this newness might manifest itself as a change of style, a new fashion, or
more radically through changes in how communications take place and our social
expectation of them. Most of us are now familiar with the concept of social media now
that Facebook and Twitter are so widely used, yet the idea of using computers in this
way is still relatively new.
Many visual communicators operate on the cutting edge of visual culture and embrace
new ideas and the latest look as quickly as they abandon the old ones. The web design
term of creating a ‘skin’ is a useful one. A website can appear new through aesthetic
changes made by a designer whilst maintaining the same underlying structure. Or old
ideas may be rejuvenated through new technology. Online newspapers have changed
the way we interact with the newspaper but visually they maintain much of the old feel
and style of the paper. Whatever drives the desire for the new, there’s often a cyclical feel
to this reinvention and well-established ideas and styles re-emerge from time to time.

Visual communicators whose work has a strong relationship to fashion or technological
developments are very much concerned with predicting, and shaping, the future path
of visual communication. Keeping an eye on what’s around the corner – be it a shift in
consumer behaviour, changing tastes, or new ways through which visual communication
can be broadcast – can mean keeping one step ahead of the pack. Future trending aims
to identify these developments and trends and incorporate the latest ideas, look or
technology as soon as possible. From a business perspective, it makes good sense to
be seen as an early adopter; however there’s no guarantee of the take-up or success of
anything untried or untested.’

P126- Creative Arts Today-Course Handbook



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