Project 4, Exercise 1, The next big thing.

The image I chose to look at as an example of contemporary visual communication is the new re branding of the Co-op. The design was originally from 1968 and instantly if your of a certain age you remember it, remember seeing co-op items with it on and it brings a sense of nostalgia back to you. It doesn’t look 49 years old at all. It looks very modern and the block white co-op font against the blue of the design, is very iconic looking and noticeable. This new/old design is currently being placed in all co-op businesses and on all merchandise. It is slick and a good example of reinvention.


“The re brand has been two years in the offing and was partly triggered by the new membership offer. North has led the re brand by creating a modernised version of the 1968 cloverleaf logo, which has been designed as a visual reminder of the company’s roots. North partner and director Sean Perkins says: “Returning to the familiar can be a radical act, but it is the timeless quality of this iconic logo that makes such a move possible – it is distinct, recognisable, approachable, and dynamic, giving us the opportunity to signal a shift back to the ideas that made the Co-op special for its customers.”– accessed 13th December 2016

The fact that the logo has been redrawn and remade using archive material makes it all the more special and fits in with the trends of today. It says what it needs to. Looking at the food packaging, I think it is a good and simple design but I reckon they could further it and have everything just blue and white. Sadly people won’t like this and it will mean they will have to check things and double check again to make sure they don’t pick up bleach or drink orange drain cleaner. I do like the labels being coloured to match the food though, green beans- green, carrots -orange etc.

I don’t think that the design will age as it didn’t the first time around. You tend to see this a lot, where new designs get made to be more ‘with it’ when nothing was broken in the first place.

north_coop_005_packaging accessed 13th December 2016.

All websites and links accessed 13th December 2016.


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