Project 4, Exercise 4, Cutting Edge.

I am always online, looking at things, reading things and copying links to something else I have read somewhere else to save for later but then lose.

As far as cutting edge websites go I tend to focus on what I like to see and the design of the site, then the content afterwards. One site I do visit a lot is

‘It’s Nice That believes passionately that creative inspiration is for everyone and by championing the most exciting and engaging work online, in print and through our events programme, we want to open up this world to the widest possible audience’– Accessed- 26th January 2017


Website cover-  accessed -26th January 2017.

What I like about It’s nice that is that it shows you so many different mediums of things and links you through to someone or something that you may never have heard of before. The print annuals they do are great and the work for graduates and the art world on the whole is  really interesting. I follow them on twitter and I look around five times a day at the new things and links they have posted. The website is clean and works seamlessly and it is a joy to visit.

Another site I visit a lot is the Tate. I like to see things and read about things that aren’t always necessarily obvious. I like that you can type in a picture or artist and more often than not something will come up that you were looking for and if not you will learn about somebody else. I like how it is a massive network of art and design information. The art works and blog posts draw you into the site and it informs you of new things and exhibitions.


Website screen- 26th January 2017

A guilty pleasure website is I love them and have done since childhood. I like to look on there at the stories and look at Moominworld and hope one day I will  get to go and see it. I suppose if your a fan of the Moomins it instantly draws you in, it makes you want to go to Moominworld and see the Moomins. I want to visit the shop and buy all of the Moomin things. What character am I? I will do this quiz to find out. I love it and now I have brought it into the open I feel precious about it, like it is my Moomin website not yours.


I promise I am not on this site everyday, neither do I check when the Moomins have woken up at Moominworld. I never do that.


Website screen-– accessed 26th January 2017

I love Tove Jansson and I have borrowed her book Life, Art, Words from the library. Its very big so it while take me a while to read it.


Picture –– accessed 27th January 2017

Tove Janssons website is another favourite of mine that I look at a lot.


Website page-– accessed 27th January 2017


Website page- 27th January 2017

It is a  very interactive site with lots to see and look at. I like how you can go through in  your own time and click on various pictures and information comes up about them. It makes you want to learn so much more. The career pages are full of her images and artworks and by hovering over them you can learn about each piece in the form a detailed slideshow. It is one of my favourite artists website and it is very easy to navigate.

All websites and links accessed 26th/27th January 2017.


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