Conclusion to Part 3, Assignment 3.

Finding and beginning to understand re-appropriated images and visual communications in general has been a whirlwind of different information. I was unsure when I started this part that I would ever be able to understand what I was asked to look at. Looking for an image for my assignment took some time and I felt at first that I couldn’t use the second image as it wasn’t serious enough. I didn’t want to be obvious with images such as the Mona Lisa being reworked and I am pleased that I found and used Kermit.

93185268a0244712f1759792b75760d5– accessed 29th January 2017

I feel as I have gone along through the projects and exercises, I have gained a better knowledge of how things are perceived and how they can be manipulated to the viewer. I honestly never thought that there was so much to learn from even the tiniest part of an image and the way they are shown to viewers both pre-design, during and after they are finished.

I found that by researching the film posters section this gave me a broader understanding of how many different types of visuals could be used to promote a film. What is good advertising for a film in one part of the country or even a different country entirely wouldn’t necessarily be right for the other so when I found a different mainly unseen poster for the film Frank it really showed me the differences in design and how this design was portrayed.

I do still think that I need to concentrate more time to the course. I have managed to pick things up this past month and complete part three quite well but also asking for help is something that I must do more of. My reading of the texts is still yet to be desired so my pointers and bits of note taking have been mainly done on this third part in my learning log.

I feel from previous parts and assignments I have broken a bit of the glass both in my head and through my learning log. I really love starting a new part and researching things especially if I find them interesting. I am beginning to see how important it is when it all comes together. Being out of any creative study for over 14 years has taken its toll even though I thought it hadn’t. I am learning so many new things and re-visiting things I learnt about a long time ago with new eyes and this is something I am pleased about.

I feel my learning log is coming along nicely and the previous feedback I received about visiting more galleries has paid off as I have now visited so many I am behind in writing about them. I am glad I got out of my study cloud, took the advice and did this as now I purposely look for things to go and see so I can include them and write about them.

I feel that this part has been better than the last as I found it more nurturing as there was so much more visual language rather than words. I know that my second assignment needs reworking and I am hoping to do this soon. I am pleased about how this part has gone and I am looking forward to starting part four photography and seeing where it takes me.


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