Visits- Connection- Galia Amsel-Chichester Cathedral.

In November 2016 I found myself venturing to Chichester for the evening. As with most of my trips they are unplanned and I was very pleased to visit the cathedral and then be surprised to see this installation by glass artist Galia Amsel. It was positioned over a font as you first went in and as it was full on November and dark it was lovely to see it all lit up, all very quiet and serene. Again, I didn’t take any pictures as I forgot but I did manage to get important pamphlets and leaflets that I always need. I have scanned them in below, so they are readable.



The cathedral website has a bit about the piece here-

‘Galia Amsel’s sculpture explores similar themes, but through a contemporary lens with modern materials.  Here, an industrial duct brings down the light from above, which arrives, finally, and beautifully, in glass work, emulating fibre optic cables.  These ‘cables’ also gesture towards the title of the piece ‘Connection’ – cables like these bring us all sorts of connections and communications in our busy and complex world.  The placement in relation to the font brings out the particular ‘connections’ involved in being baptised, in which the sprinkling of water symbolises a new beginning (a ‘rebirth’) as part of the wider Christian community, and a wish to respond to God’s call to live a life inspired and shaped by Jesus Christ.’

‘Connection’ is formed of 1200 mm long glass tubes which sweep and curve.  This installation has its origin in a series of installations in a disused cement silo on the Auckland waterfront.  The original installation was connected to hopperes only 2.5 metres above the ground with the glass tubes descending to almost touch the ground; in the Cathedral it is suspended above the font’

Adapted from-– accessed 20th February 2017.
Images from –– accessed 20th February 2017.



The sculpture really was beautiful and very intricate. I hadn’t come across this artist before and after looking at her website her work is amazing, her about page is wonderful and all of her glass work and projects can be seen. Working with glass is something that I have thought about doing over the years but I never got round to. Considering I come from a glass making town and I found out recently that my Swedish ancestors were glass makers maybe it is something I should investigate.

See Galia’s website here- and tomorrow is the last day to see it!


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