Visits- Kenneth Barden & J E Tyrrell- Mosaic Murals 1963- Gosport.

On my recent road trip holiday I, like most people before they go away anywhere like to look up murals to visit whilst out and about. I like to then tell my travel companions that they are going to see wondrous sights filled with concrete, murals and tiles. The 20th Century Society is my go to helping guide for all the things that I need to see and I chose to see The Seaward & Harbour Towers.

I do like a good mural and I wasn’t disappointed either. There was quite a lot of building going on so I couldn’t get into the main area and it was very, very windy, so the blue block was to be seen only from far away.





‘The pair of 16-storey tower blocks overlooking the harbour were clad with abstract unglazed mosaic murals made by Carter’s of Poole and running the whole 135 feet height. Hugely impressive due to their scale, these murals are best seen from the ferry whilst crossing the river.’

Taken from-– accessed 25th February 2017


I found this piece from the Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society whilst trying to research architect Kenneth Barden.

‘The ferry journey across Portsmouth Harbour provides a dramatic view of Seaward Tower and Harbour Tower, a pair of sixteen-storey tower blocks built in 1963 on the Esplanade. Both blocks of flats have pairs of 135’ murals of Carter’s unglazed mosaic in red, white, blue and black running the whole height of the buildings. These staggering murals were designed by Kenneth Barden, although the initials JET are also to be found on two of them.’

Adapted –– accessed 25th February 2017.



Like murals? Click the link below and type in where you live and get lost in a sea of never ending pages of beauty –

Go to- they have a database of ceramic tile locations- excellent.

Go here to see a whole site dedicated to Carters Tiles. I have fallen in love with them all-– accessed 25th February 2017.

Images from-– accessed 25th February 2017.

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