Project 1, Exercise 2, Photo Album.

I chose these two images from when I was a wedding photographer nearly six years ago now. I took this picture quite late on in the day of two girls playing with a bubble machine outside. It wasn’t a timed picture and I focused on the bubbles as the light was nice and I knew the girls would be playing behind the image. I always thought it was quite a painterly image with the background, the colours and the subject.


The second picture is from a church wedding. This wasn’t accidental. The early part of 2009 onward in both wedding photography and commercial saw a surge in alternative images, alternative photographers, ridiculous filters over pictures, Hipstamatic apping your every move. You name it, it was done and we all did it. One thing that seemed to be around was cutting off the heads of the guests and couples in their wedding images. My mum said to me once she saw this that it was terrible and ‘You have cut their heads off!’ I knew I had done this and I did it on purpose. I was focusing on the aisle flowers and I just thought oh well I will carry on and use it. Looking at it again almost four years later I have warmed to it , but it is never going to be timeless or album worthy.  I like the difference in the guests outfits more. The bags on the seat and the similar stance. What side of the family where they on? who knew who? This is what intrigued me more at weddings with the whole social structure that was brought together for the day, but that is for another time.


The third picture I have chosen is probably more nostalgia based than artistic. It is a picture of me aged around 5, patting a horse in Norfolk on a family holiday. I remember telling my sister he was called Neddy. I think to me it is like a painting of a time that you can never revisit. I remember the T shirt more than the holiday as it had pandas on it. I think these images of childhood are important as everything was so much simpler, pictures were just taken and then developed and put in an album.



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