Visits- Off Beat- Jeff Nuttall- John Rylands Library, Manchester.

Back in November I went to visit the John Rylands Library in Manchester.  It was my first trip there and it is beautiful, on top of this there was an exhibition of the work of Jeff Nuttall whose work I had read briefly about but never seen.

There was a no photography policy in the exhibition which is rightly so, and there was a sign advising explicit content which is always excellent. I have scanned in the exhibitoon leaflet as best I could and drawn from some images and information I have researched about him.

Web-banner– accessed 2nd April 2017

Jeff Nuttall was born in Clitheroe in 1933. His work with the beat movement and British countercultures has made him one of the most recognisable underground artists and poets of his generation.

Jeff Nuttall was one of the few people in the early 1960s to publish William S. Burroughs’ most experimental writings in a magazine called My Own Mag. The whole zine library and every issue is avalibale to download here –– correct at 5th April 2017.


My Own Mag #6
July 1964– accessed 5th April 2017

It was a shame really as I hadn’t heard much about him before this exhibition and it was fascinating to read his letters he had sent and see his drawings and writings. I wanted to be able to sit down with him and ask him questions and have a cup of tea.

I learnt about Antiuniversity and cut-up where bits of poetry, prose and writing is cut up and mixed together. I suppose nowadays this is seen more in those poetry fridge magnets you can buy where the word ‘poo’ alongside ‘head’ is the worst thing that could be made.


Britain Can Take It, 1958,Ink, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. 5th April 2017


Bomb Culture, cultural criticism, 1968 MacGibbon & Kee.– accessed 5th April 2017

Nuttall worked as an art teacher; senior lecturer at Leeds Polytechnic and was head of fine art at Liverpool Polytechnic. As an actor, he appeared in over 40 feature films and television programmes which I find fascinating.  I typed him in to see his films and he played Friar Tuck in Robin Hood. I think he is one of the coolest people I never got to meet.– Adapted 5th April 2017

Tuck_jeff_nuttall– accessed 5th April 2017

Exhibition leaflet;











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