Assignment 3, Reflection/Feedback.

Demonstration of subject knowledge- I have referenced the piece Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough and the re-appropriated image Green Boy by Jim Henson. I feel I have interpreted it and given my thoughts about the differences between the images and the way they are presented.

Demonstration of research skills- I have researched the history of re- appropriated images, the history of the Gainsborough piece and the Kermit the frog piece. I have read through the exercises that were close reading examples and texts.

Demonstration of critical and evaluation skills- I think I have shown critical thinking throughout this assignment and I have discussed my thoughts about the piece in my conclusion and commentary.

Communication- I feel my writing is understandable and flows well and I have presented my assignment with an introduction, middle and a conclusion with paragraphs and links attached, within word count and a commentary about my experience with part three.


Assignment 3 was much better this time and I was really pleased to hear that I had done ok with it. I’ve never really gotten into visual culture in a ‘actually look at it’ way before so it was nice to look back through my learning log and see how the third part all came together.

Comments I really must take into account are being able to explain myself and my ideas more. How I came to the conclusions and how they fit in with the overall piece of finished work are a bit vague and I can see this when re-reading.

I liked that my feedback shows I enjoyed this part and writing the assignment as I did and even though I think maybe I should have picked a better portrait than the one that shows Kermit the frog, having given myself a bit of time to look over it I am pleased with it. I keep making the same mistakes though with assignments and I really do think I need to plan them more carefully instead of collecting a lot of notes, links and images and then trying to decipher them. I think this is starting to show with my final drafts as trying to edit them down for the word count, I end up missing out important parts of how I reached my conclusions.

I have finally fixed my log to show all the categories, dates and tags that I need and now I understand it better myself. It took a while for me to grasp this whole task as I could understand it but now I see to an outsider it was a bit of a trek. I quite enjoyed labelling and tagging everything so it is all in order.

I am enjoying filling up my visits section also. I can’t always make any official OCA study visits as they are usually on Saturdays and I work,  so it’s nice to look and see where the trips are and try to visit them myself at a later date.



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