Project 2, Exercise 1- Movement.

The four images I am looking at are;

1.Derek Trillo, Passing Place,Manchester 2006.

Two silhouettes of two figures moving past and between each other on a set of stairs. The panels of the staircase are illuminated so you can see the shadows and the colours are muted almost pastel through the glass, blue and yellow.

It is quite industrial looking and the outlines of the black against the colour look like glass. The picture may have been taken with a slower shutter speed so the figures are still captured but with blur to create movement if minimal.

The title of the image works as passing place instils movement, waiting to move, needing to move forward.

2. Harold Edgerton, Bullet and Apple, 1964- accessed 14th April 2017.


The first things I thought about with this image was; fast, speed, mess, level.

The apple is sitting on a bullet case whilst a bullet is fired through it.

You can see inside the apple from when the bullet has passed through, but not much relative damage has been done. It now looks like a rocket. The way the image has been captured is good and I am guessing it is a still from either a video recording or from multiple images taken at once.

The background of the image is a good fit against the red and the insides of the apple against it. It is lit well and shows a good example of movement within an image.

3. Harold Edgerton, Multiflash tennis serve, 1949.


 Harold Edgerton (American, 1909-1995). Tennis Serve (Multiflash), 1949. Gelatin silver photograph, image: 7 3/4 x 10 1/2 in. (19.7 x 26.7 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Gift of The Harold and Esther Edgerton Family Foundation, 1996.166.21. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: Brooklyn Museum, 1996.166.21_PS1.jpg)-accessed 14th April 2017

I really like this image as the figure in the middle looks like a skeleton. It’s almost like an x-ray of many movements. The movement is categorised by the central figure hitting a tennis ball with a racket, each and every moment that has happened whilst completing this task has been recorded to show the intricacies of each part that makes up a serve.

The progression of the serve looks like a clock, so the time from the ball being placed in the air, to the racket coming to hit it is all captured like clock hands. It just shows that time even slowed down can show you a lot about even the smallest of things.

ma-103811-WEBJacques Henri Lartigue (France, 1894-1986)
Gelatin silver print-accessed- 14th April 2017.

This black and white image made me smile. It conjures up fun and as if the lady on the stairs is flying down them. It would seem to me that maybe she has jumped in mid air and is going to land safely or has half way down the steps made a jump for it so as not to try and clear the whole lot in one go. The movement of the image to the viewer gives us ideas that the lady is floating or flying, when I think really she is just jumping and the image has been taken at the right moment.



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