Project 2 Exercise 4 -Research Point- Richard Long-Curators talk.



SPAIN  2009– accessed 16th May 2017.

Post 1960’s displays- relevant to my interests.

Art and Nature

Most important artists -he is.

simple and direct look at the land.

No edge or energy to art- ‘the visual arts’

Art as Idea and art as Action

Converted to a concept.

Walking as medium

Interventions within the Landscape

Rethink the role of the artist, anti form,l and art, conceptual-ism

Inclusive art.

Printed matter.

 Never makes significant changes to the landscapes through which he passes.

 the line, the cross, the circle and the spiral.

He uses only the earth’s natural materials.

His work is informed by an interest in symmetry, repetition and measurement.

Documents walks with an image of a location.

Photography used to document journey as well as interaction with a place or natural objects.

Photography indispensable , direct, rough and black and white.

Photographs as ‘documentary material, and not actually the work itself’.

Text Pieces

Never said he was as a land-artist,

 Making art more accessible to the public.


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