Project 3- A Sense of Place.

“Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer;
and often the supreme disappointment.”
(Adams, 1970, p.43)

By looking at the photographs of Whitby by Ian Berry, you can see immediately the sense of place within the images.


Ian Berry- G.B. ENGLAND. Yorkshire. Whitby. Elderly English woman playing cricket with her family on the beach. 1974– accessed 16th May 2017.

How would the images differ without any people in the images? How would this affect your sense of Whitby as a place?

If there weren’t any people in the above image the scene would be just of a boat floating out to sea with a bit of beach attached. It may look like an abandoned beach with nobody on it. The people make it have a sense of place, the lady playing cricket, the people in the boat and the dad watching his daughter paddle. It looks like a holiday destination, people are living their lives and having fun.

In the image below there is a lot going on. There is a view of the hill looking down to the harbour, the houses rising up and off into the distance. Then there are a lot of people all sat on the hill, lying down, walking and just being around. They seem to match the picture from one side to the other. I think without anybody in the picture it would still be good and there would be a lot to see and look at but the people, their expressions and language make it more interesting.  I have walked up here where these people are sat and I would recommend better shoes than I had on.


Ian Berry- England. Whitby. A sunny Sunday afternoon brings tourists and residents on to the hill overlooking Whitby harbour to relax and dream. 1974.– accessed 16th May 2017.
Ian Berry- G.B. ENGLAND. North Yorkshire. A couple hold a discussion whilst paddling in Whitby. 1974.– accessed 16th May 2017

This is another-it would be OK without people in the picture. The main thing that you focus on is the couple who are paddling and talking. The next part is the pier at the right that is out of focus due to the couple being in focus. Without them it is fine as it would just be a picture of the beach and pier at Whitby. With them it creates a story and a narrative as to why they are there, what are they talking about? Do they even know each other?


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