Project 3- Exercise 1-Two Images.

As I do not have a telephoto/zoom lens due to selling it, my old 50mm 1.8 would have to do. As you have to move with your feet with a 50mm it is sort of like a zoom but your walking to your subjects. That is what I tell myself anyway.

I have chosen two pictures I took in Portsmouth about a two months ago of the news building in Hillsea. I have mentioned it HERE as part of my blog visits.


In the photograph above, taken with my 50mm standing in front of the building you can see the words NEWS spelled out in the mosaic, the concrete and the windows of the old office blocks. The viewer gets a sense of what it is, its size and the area surrounding it.


In the photograph above I walked nearer to the mosaic. I have focused on the middle part of it and here you can see the gold and red tiles more clearly than you could before. You don’t necessarily know what it is but you can see lettering and as a viewer to it you can make this out I think. You can also see where bits of it have fallen off over time and where the concrete is more pronounced. I would think if you didn’t have an interest in mosaics or anything like this you would find it very boring but to me it is lovely. As a viewer who hasn’t seen the first image you might think that it is a lot bigger than it looks, there isn’t really any references to what it is or where it is and I like this about it.



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