Exercise 3- An Elevated Viewpoint.

Derek Trillo, The Cheshire Plain from Beeston Castle, 2008.

The viewpoint of the Cheshire Plain shows you elements of the land that you wouldn’t normally see. The split in the field and the colours of the earth, the small hollows of trees together that you can see more clearly, the shape and the height is present from a higher view. At ground level you wouldn’t know how big things are, the square of trees wouldn’t be as pronounced, neither would the line in the ground showing the different colours of the earth. You would see it from a ground point but you wouldn’t see the scale of it or its differences.

City View – OCA Student – Peter Mansell

The city view gives the height of the tower blocks and the scale of the areas surrounding it. You can see a main road and a tiny bus on it so wherever this was taken is quite high up. It gives you a feeling of space and how much the city and its buildings are sprawled around. If the picture was taken from a ground level then I suppose you would be looking up at things. The streets would be in lines and the buildings would be closer together and a feeling of being closed in may happen. You would see and hear and feel things, more colour and a mixture of different shops, business and housing.

John Davies, Agecroft Power Station, Salford, 1983.


Agecroft Colliery, Salford 1983- http://johndavies.uk.com/– accessed 22nd May 2017.

I love power stations and cooling towers. I think they are wonderful concrete marvels and as this picture was taken when I was one and it has since been demolished I feel an affinity with the towers as they aren’t that far from where I live and I will have to imagine them through pictures.

By taking the picture of the cooling towers from a distance you can see the surrounding land and the scale of how big the power station was. It looks gritty and industrial but with life carrying on all around it. The cars, the football match, what looks like the river beside it.

The outlying countryside that surrounds it looks peaceful and full of nature and life. Everything just carries on with the towers in view.

I looked further into the cooling towers and there is a bit about them here- http://openbuildings.com/buildings/agecroft-power-station-profile-29614

and here- http://salfordonline.com/6690-watch-agecroft-power-station-demolition-revisited-for-90th-anniversary.html

and here- http://www.engineering-timelines.com/scripts/engineeringItem.asp?id=1001

all websites accessed 22nd May 2017.


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