Project 3-Exercise 2- Holiday Photographs.

The motivation for me to take photographs these days is sadly lacking unless it is something I really want to see or remember or that catches my eye. For this exercise I have chosen a few images from holidays and places I have been that remind me of a certain time and place and how I felt when I was there.

I used to take a lot of photographs all the time, on film and then digital and with the advent of an iPhone I constantly for a long time took pictures everyday of everything I liked and saw. It was too easy. Then of course you get tired, you see the same things and you don’t necessarily want to be documenting everything all the time. I do get motivated more if I have been on a day trip somewhere and it is somewhere I haven’t been before. The days of taking 1000’s of photographs sadly got spoilt by being a wedding photographer for years so the overload was real. Having looked for images for this exercise I found some lovely ones that reminded me of why I was there, why I took them and I am glad that I have them.

This first image is from The Forbidden City in Beijing. It was the first time I had been to China and it was so alien and exciting. This picture was taken on the 2nd day I was there and it was all still sinking in, the enormity of the place, where I was and how grown up I suddenly felt. This was around closing time and suddenly it became really busy and I had to stop as I wanted to look at things rather than get carried by the crowds. It was October and very warm, the light was perfect and hazy and even though autumn was arriving it gave it a glow and a feeling of something special. I liked the many different tour groups as they were so busy and excited and they were probably seeing it for the first time like I was. It really was a lovely memorable day. I never thought much about this photograph at the time which is nearly ten years ago, but looking back over them I know I was enjoying taking pictures of things that were happening and what I was seeing without any real reason for it.


This is a picture taken inside a cake shop in Fontainebleau, France. It was a weekend trip I took with my mum to see Monet’s garden and Fontainebleau was one of the stops. Again it was early autumn and the light was beautiful all around the garden and it got better as the day went on. There was a big flea market in the square with everything I liked being sold and I had zero pennies and one suitcase. However I had enough pennies for two of these cakes and they were wonderful. It was a beautiful cake shop all gilt and mirrors and everybody was so swish, drinking coffee out of tiny cups. I look at this picture and I can smell the sugar and the coffee and hear the conversations happening. I don’t think it is a print worthy picture but one I have kept as part of the day and the trip as a whole.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

I have a sweet tooth obviously and this was taken on the quiet at the Christmas markets in Berlin. I was walking past and it was raining and very cold. I saw the light on the chocolates and the colours and just took a quick ‘through my coat’ picture and I think it turned out well really. I was going to buy one but at the time I had braces so I couldn’t. I like the lighting on this image as it’s quite harsh and bright, the colours are contrasting against it and I like the customer pointing out which one they would like.




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