Conclusion to Part 4- Assignment 4.

I have been quite astounded at times throughout this fourth part at how little I know and how much I had forgotten about photography. There are a lot of photographers and artists I had completely forgotten about and also ones I had never come across before. I was convinced that I would do OK throughout this part but I found out quite soon that I knew not as half as much as I thought.

hockney_my_mother_Bolton_Abbey_Yorkshire– accessed 19th May 2017

As I have worked through each project I know I have been down at times at having to read and then re-read what was asked but then once I had  started to research more I felt I got a better grasp of things. I liked the holiday photo project as it made me revisit lots of images I had buried away and it was a nice feeling to look at them and answer the question  ‘How do they make you feel?’

I found by researching the origins of The Photobus by Daniel Meadows, it brought me into a whole new realm of photographers I had never heard of and whose work I now truly love  just from researching further, such as Richard Billingham and John Davies.

I really like my learning log now and I like to use it to show things I wouldn’t normally. Even just a few pictures from a day out that I like or have felt were interesting to me.       I find I want to post them as it is part of the whole learning and documenting process. I recently visited the Catholic Cathedral in Liverpool and I spent most of the time looking for the public art pieces. I was so excited to look at the John Piper glass that is throughout it, that when I got home I had taken over 100 pictures of it. It is things like this that make me like my camera again and although I won’t keep them all, sometimes it is just good to take yourself out for the day and find something you like, photograph it and find out about its history.

I think I have gained a lot from this part and it has been quite cathartic at times but it has also made me look and research further to find more about things that have sparked my interest. I found that just one photographers image on an internet search has led me to find so much more. I think this is what is so good about photography, there is always something to see, even if you think it has all been done or you have already seen it, you are only ever scratching the surface.

I am looking forward to Part 5 Textiles very much as it is something I am interested in for further courses and I am curious to find out more and how the initial processes make it all work together.



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