Visits- Hamtun Street Mural-Southampton.

After driving around for days trying to find this mural and after three trips to Southampton I finally did with a big ‘IT’S THERE!’

The Hamtun Street mural was designed by Henry Collins and Joyce Pallot in 1978 to decorate the facade of a Sainsbury’s superstore in the Lordshill area of Southampton. It had been hidden away for almost 20 years after being removed for regeneration of the area until it was restored in 2010 by Oliver Budd.


It shows the history of Southampton from Roman times to the 20th century and shows references to the cities maritime history and WW2.



It is 19 metres long, three metres high and made out of concrete and glass.




I love the tiles and the shapes and there is lots to take in when your up close to it.


Look at those blues, it is massive.







I was only there for five minutes and now I know where it is I will go back again.

There is a collection of their murals up near me in Stockport at the side of BHS so when I finally get round to the going to the Hat Museum I will go and see them. They could be under threat though like the Three Ships in Hull which I saw earlier this year. It is just not on.

All websites and links accessed 4th July 2017


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