Assignment 2- Reworked and Commentary.

Reflection- Reworked 16th January 2018.

Looking back over this assignment it has filled me with dread for months. I knew at the time of first submitting I hadn’t fully understood what was required in order to explain the questions asked and I knew it was by far my worst submission.

I think with hindsight I wouldn’t have chosen this song to use as even though it is well known and quite short with a punchy, start, middle and chorus once you start to analyse it there’s a lot more to it.

I felt at first it was quite easy and flowed right in order to make assumptions on the protagonists involved but as you start to research further into all the parts that are asked for in the assignment you realise that there is a lot to talk about.

I knew my tutor’s comments were being kind to me and I know that my first draft wasn’t clear and this really is why it has taken so long for me to rework it.

Looking through my tutor notes I can see how the original didn’t flow and with taking all of this on board I feel this new reworked version flows better.

I used the lyrics of the song to better explain parts of the story and it became very apparent how one sided the story was. I had never noticed this before as it was a song that was usually played at the end of the night somewhere, when everybody was tired and a little tipsy and it was no more than a ‘everyone sing very loud to the chorus ‘song.

The use of turning the piece into a one sided argument helped as my previous submission didn’t show this. It is very one sided but also moulds into two at times as there isn’t a clear definition as to who is asking or speaking certain parts, such as ‘What about me, well?’ I am thinking he has been asked this question once the situation has calmed down a bit and the relationship and what has happened has been partially sorted.

My views on creative writing haven’t changed from my last commentary. It isn’t something that I enjoy and even though once I get into it and start to understand the basics I can see how it goes together but I find I have lots to say and then get it can get confusing.

I am hoping this is because of the subject as I really struggled with part 2 and it isn’t something I wish to repeat, however I enjoyed writing about the film protagonists and researching the roles of various characters and how moving small parts of their character can completely change the plot outlook.



Assignment 5-Reworked and Commentary.

Commentary Reworked

As this assignment was my last I can’t pretend that I found it any easier than previous ones. I understand the processes involved and that everything needed to be covered so that I could make a decision on which disciplines I wanted to study further but it hasn’t been easy.

Looking through my assignment I can again see what had gone wrong and the lack of conversation about the exhibition I had seen really shows. I need to remember that just because I have seen something and am trying to relive it in my own words, not everybody else has and my words aren’t theirs.

I have tried to incorporate more of what my tutor mentioned about identifying the piece as a sculpture in his own right and how it ties in to the whole exhibition.

I have taken out comments that start with ‘I don’t know’ as again to a reader of the piece it doesn’t bode well if they wanted to go and see the exhibit.

I have added a new photograph of the washing machine piece to show the red washing in that particular part of the exhibition. I feel that you need to see it to understand what I have written about it and to see if you feel the same way.

I found that I had more to say about the whole exhibition once I had revisited my original piece and seeing the connotations between domestic bliss and domestic violence. It all suddenly started to make sense when I researched the history of Punch and Judy shows further.

I have taken out the parts about the blanket stitch being used on the sculptures face as I couldn’t be certain if was a blanket stitch or a running stitch. It was best to omit it entirely as it didn’t really have any bearing to the piece as a whole.

Again this is lack of original reading and preparation on my part and having only seen the exhibition three weeks previous to writing my final assignment I realise I still hadn’t processed my notes or thoughts correctly. This is bad time management from me.

I have looked through my references and added to them further by reading more about the exhibition and the process of making felt and including better quotes and adaptations.

Looking through my final commentary I can see the disdain in my voice over my decisions on what to study next, which after a false start in printmaking I am now studying art history.

I am still uploading my learning log paper pages to my online log so I can send it off for assessment next week and even though this isn’t expected, my tutor explained it would be useful to have a paper version of my log  to show various gallery ephemera I have collected and to keep as a physical record.

I still feel what I originally said about going back into education after a big break when your older is true as the carefree college days are no more and with life, work and other general daily stuff you really have to push yourself further to be able to get the work done and understand it.

I feel I have a better understanding of the arts and what it is I want to be able study further in the future.

Assignment 3-Reworked and Commentary.

Commentary- Reworked

From my tutor feedback I am getting a feeling of the ‘same old’ from my writing. By this I mean I am making the same mistakes over and over where I will write something but leave no idea of where I got the information from or why I have written it.

I will re-read my assignments and find that big chunks haven’t been referenced and this has been laziness on my part and not fully checking at the end that everything has been covered.

I have looked through this assignment and even though the original first submission I have done I have been happy with, I understand from my tutor notes that I needed to restructure parts.

I have looked more into the style of Gainsborough’s Blue Boy and spoke more about the colour in the clothes and how they make the viewer and myself feel.

Certain sentences I have written I have taken out and certain parts I have tried to explain better such as; ‘The time frame from the original to Green Boy from Green Boy to now is still relevant I feel.’

This was questioned by my tutor and I cannot even fathom what it is I was trying to get across.  I have tried to and all I could come up with was that the times in which the portraits were painted have lasted in-between them being made, like a timeless photograph. I think that another Blue Boy could be made now just as another Green Boy could be re-enacted but the design of it would be different such as digitally drawn, lavish costumes or even just a green screen to save time. I think this is what I meant but even typing it out I still cannot grasp the best way in which to say it.

I have added and reworked my references so that every part can be traced back to its original link. I am surprised how heavily I have relied on Wikipedia for my information but from memory there wasn’t that much about the Green Boy image except from the calendar site and a few stray Miss Piggy fan clubs.

I now feel that this is a better version and answers the original assignments questions and has drawn from the comments my tutor made.

Assignment 1-Reworked and Commentary.


As I am preparing myself for the March assessment deadline I have been looking through all my past assignments and blog and trying to tidy everything up. Assignment 1 isn’t included in the assessment but I have tidied it up anyway. It has been nice to go back over and look at my first assignment again and also to keep it as a memento to myself to not be so rigid when writing your thoughts or answering a question.

I think as I hadn’t formally written anything academic for nearly 5 years I was trying to be very proper with my words and it reads back to me now actually quite boring and as though I didn’t fully understand the question I was asked.

I have corrected the spelling and shortened the length of some of my sentences so that it flows better. I have reread part of my conclusion and added references as I had for some reason not included any. I have added a better reference list for both parts

My ‘What is Art?’ First notes are included here for Part A.


Assignment 4-Reworked and Commentary.


After reworking this assignment and closely looking at my tutors comments I can see how much I have missed in my original submitted assignment. The questions posed to me in the feedback where legitimate and once reading my account again I could see the disjointed aspect of my writing.

I feel I have now looked further into the pieces and after researching Roland Barthes words about photographs it all seemed to click. I hope I have explained myself more clearly and my examples of what Hockney may have saw and felt when making Pearl Blossom Highway 2 are enriched as coming away from an assignment for a few months and then looking at it again really does help.

I have taken parts out that didn’t make any sense to either myself or my tutor or parts that needed elaboration. On further reading I felt these parts had no place and didn’t structure well within the writing. Such as;

‘Looking at the artwork it is very well put together and I couldn’t work out at first whether it was a painting, a collage of photographs or a collage of photographs photographed and then painted.’

‘I think he has captured the landscape of the desert and the feel of having a driver side view even though he wasn’t driving really well.’

This is just a mess with too many words and no real form or function to it. The ‘driving not very well’ part was from the story about him being a passenger in the car and how the driver was driving quite badly. This didn’t fit with the original question and offered no explanation or meaning so it was taken out.

I feel the writing flows better and answers the assignments original question.

I have added better references and have shown where pieces of information have come from as again there were missing parts and sentences with no distinction as to where they had come from.


Conclusion to Assignment 5 and Feedback.

Reaching the end of my fifth and final assignment has felt more of a  milestone in many ways. From losing the will in part two creative writing to getting back to it in part four photography and then realising quite quickly that textiles and any studying of it full time isn’t for me.

I have spent an awful lot of time worrying about my final assignment and also the following assessment of my work. I know that this is silly and I can ask for help but once the fog has cleared a bit from the past few months I will be submitting in January.

For my fifth assignment I looked at how textiles play a key role in their environment.
I chose to analyse and explain the fabrics that I came across on a visit to the Grundy Art Gallery in Blackpool, to see the exhibition- Love Life 2 by Jonathan Baldock and Emma Hart.

I enjoyed the richness of the exhibition and the ways in which textiles and colour were used within it. I have started my assignment based on the feedback I received and this goes for the previous four as well. I can see now with the assignment feedback I received that I have made mistakes and have not always been very clear in the ways in which I wanted to say something. I haven’t always expressed my views in the best way, a bit like this corker- ‘I have chosen to look at the installation which was a giant head made out of felt stitched together.’ I can now see that ‘giant head’ isn’t the best way to describe something no matter how much it looks like one.


I have felt that my tutors feedback has always been constructive and it has pushed me to look again at what I have written and how I have described something. Once what I have written has been questioned and that ‘something’ has been pointed out, I see it and I usually feel a bit silly for not seeing it in the first place. This is all part of the learning process so I try to use it for the better. Read and read again.


As I have worked through each project in part 5, I have been surprised at how much we use and rely on textiles and how their usage is everywhere. The sustainability processes interested me greatly and how we can be better at recycling and making clothes last. The print and pattern sections I also enjoyed as picking any fabric or fashion designer to research will give you so much to go on. I chose Matthew Williamson for some of my research and I became embroiled in all of his variations of prints and patterns which stem across clothes, settees,wallpaper and jewellery.

The parts about the cut of an item and how it is styled to fit and move was very interesting as again I didn’t know much about the details that go into clothes making.  The artists research into the context of textiles was also very interesting and showed me artists I had never heard of before and this made me look into their work further such  as Christo and Jeanne Claude’s-surrounded islands.

I found by researching the Chanel cat walk shows I became obsessed with the events as a whole, the fashion, the music and how it all works. It is the parts like this I found interesting and really brought the section to a good rounded end as it tied in well from the beginning of fabric production to the end design stages and finished products.

I feel my learning log has progressed well and even though I still have a lot of posts to catch up on such as writing about exhibitions I have visited this year, I am happy with it and it runs smoothly and works well within the sections. I hope for it to become a go to for myself as a research blog as well as for my course tutors to see.

I think I have gained a lot from this first course as it has given me a very clear idea on what it is I wish to continue with, what I find interesting and what I do not wish to pursue.  I look back now over part 5 and I was very excited to be starting it but coming to the end I have decided that textiles isn’t something that I wish to pursue further. The whole point of Creative Arts 1 is to give you a choice and an introduction to each medium ready for your chosen pathways and I think visual culture and art history research is what I would like to continue with.

Changing over.

The past few months haven’t been great. I fell behind with almost everything I should have been doing and starting a new course in the midst of such things I found was just ridiculous. I suppose the whole meaning of this degree and especially part one was that we got a big overview of each discipline and would be able to choose what subjects we had the most interest in. I had thought for the past 18 months that printmaking was going to be a pathway with textiles and maybe artists books coupled with it. After hastily having a week left to choose I still thought that printmaking was going to be part of my choices and I think now I rushed into it.  I knew this as soon as my study materials came through the door.

After falling behind for a month or so I really struggled to get back into things and I have spent enough nights lingering at the kitchen table making all of the monoprints I can possibly muster to be met with dread and a feeling of ‘I have made a big mistake’.

I have realised the relief that comes with not having to pursue something anymore is a sign it was wrong. I have spent years looking at printmakers work, intrigued on how they have made such things and collecting books about it and pouring over the pages. It is this kind of learning I like more, the research and writing about it rather than the making of and this is alright by me. I am hoping now with a change over to art history that I will start to get back into it all and I will put my printmaking books back on the shelf for another time.

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