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Visits- Flags – Andrew Lee – Tatton Show.

As I am embarking on showing you everything I saw at the Tatton show and I know how much you are liking it, I have picked out some bits that I really liked, on top of all the other things that I really liked. I really liked these flags, by Andrew Lee.

They appeared as if by magic through the crowd and they moved and changed colour with the wind. I spent ages looking at them and seeing how they went from blue to pink to yellow and back again. I have decided that I would like my whole garden to be just these and nothing else. The iridescence of them had me fascinated and the way they moved and changed. If you get to see them anywhere have a small rest and just watch them.

You can see more of Andrews work here-

and the flags here-








A nice interlude before my 7th cup of tea stop.

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Visits- Tatton Flower Show- Part 3 -Like a magazine.

I am still in the big tent at this point and came across cactus world and Bougainvillea world and very over saturated orchids. I like the backgrounds the best as I felt I was in a schools science programme. For 10 minutes I took it upon myself to pretend I was in Sweden or a golden hour desert filled with cactus like a styled Instagram story and to be honest after the 4th plaster had fell off my toe, the pain meant I could have been anywhere. I didn’t ask anybody any questions as I felt I had spoke enough so I became a cactus picture taking person that was in a giant tent and I liked it and have no regrets.





















Visits- The Tatton Flower Show-Part 2- More Big tent action.

The fun never stops in the big tent. At this point I had started to sneeze quite profusely and had a headache from everything to do with flowers and pollen. I stopped for dinner of chips and gravy and a can of pop and got straight back in there as I’m not a quitter. I asked a lady about her grasses and a man about his bark chippings. I entered a competition to win a holiday in Malaysia and got a free bag for taking part- Cathay Pacific- It is me! I found a lonely 5p and then continued on my rounds.


























Visits-The Tatton Park Flower Show-Part 1-In The Big Tent.

When the word ‘show’ is entered into anything I am always interested. Same with the words; sale, fete, jumble, seconds and cake. The Tatton Park Flower Show has been a staple in my July calendar for 4 years now and I love the extravagance of giant cascades of fuchsias, vegetables and fruits all lined up neatly and very helpful plant friends trying their best with me whilst I ask about my Venus fly traps and why they wouldn’t eat their tea of ham and dead flies I made special. I also like it as it is calming, despite the crowds and minor pushing to get to Monty, the colours, the flowers, the vast displays and giant ferns are very good for me and this year I took my big camera, regretted the weight but became flower show possessed and now as a special treat I am showing you everything I saw, in its entirety, probably 5 or 6 parts long and you will like them! I have started off in the main flower tent, the ‘Don’ of tents if you like.
























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Visits- Tate Liverpool-In Focus-Tracey Emin, William Blake, Ellsworth Kelly.

Back in April I took a very quick trip to Tate Liverpool to see Tracey Emin’s bed. I wasn’t allowed to take a picture of it so here is one from the Tate website.

tracey-enim-tateliv-9035-pete-carr 9th July 2017

I hadn’t seen the piece before and I felt like I wanted to sit on it and look closer at all the things on the floor. As I didn’t have much time I looked all around it and I think I like it. I know it  has been about for a while but it was still nice to see. I think what I liked about it was that everything is in its place, it might look messy and grotty but everything that she needs is there. Its a piece of her life at that time and place in her life and I like it.

My Bed is part of a wider exhibition with William Blake called In Focus. I haven’t seen much of his work before and it was nice to piece the two artists together and see the comparisons in their work with death, birth and poetry.

The Blasphemer c.1800 by William Blake 1757-1827

The Blasphemer c.1800 William Blake. Flippng heck.



I had five minutes to visit Ellsworth Kelly and I liked it!

I hadn’t really heard much about him before which is the story of my life it seems but I liked his work very much. Here is a bit about him,

Ellsworth Kelly (May 31, 1923 – December 27, 2015) was an American painter, sculptor, and print maker associated with hard-edge painting, Colour Field painting and minimalism. His works demonstrate unassuming techniques emphasising line, colour and form, similar to the work of John McLaughlin and Kenneth Noland. Kelly often employed bright colours. He lived and worked in Spencertown, New York.’ 13th July 2017

I liKed this piece very much,


Méditerranée (1952) © Ellsworth Kelly. Tate. Lent from a private collection 2002.

Méditerranée was inspired by Kelly’s fascination with how light was refracted by the surface of the River Seine. I don’t see a river or the light but I’ve been up the Seine and it is beautiful.

For a very quick trip I over faced myself and gave myself very little time to look properly. I saw My Bed though and learnt about an artist I didn’t know about and got some leaflets so it wasn’t all bad.



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Visits- Hamtun Street Mural-Southampton.

After driving around for days trying to find this mural and after three trips to Southampton I finally did with a big ‘IT’S THERE!’

The Hamtun Street mural was designed by Henry Collins and Joyce Pallot in 1978 to decorate the facade of a Sainsbury’s superstore in the Lordshill area of Southampton. It had been hidden away for almost 20 years after being removed for regeneration of the area until it was restored in 2010 by Oliver Budd.


It shows the history of Southampton from Roman times to the 20th century and shows references to the cities maritime history and WW2.



It is 19 metres long, three metres high and made out of concrete and glass.




I love the tiles and the shapes and there is lots to take in when your up close to it.


Look at those blues, it is massive.







I was only there for five minutes and now I know where it is I will go back again.

There is a collection of their murals up near me in Stockport at the side of BHS so when I finally get round to the going to the Hat Museum I will go and see them. They could be under threat though like the Three Ships in Hull which I saw earlier this year. It is just not on.

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Visits-Tonight At Noon-Liverpool Central Library.

I came across this exhibition by accident on a quick visit into Liverpool Central  library to drop my books off. I always like to have a look round as it is lovely and I am very glad that I did.

Tonight At Noon is a series of exhibitions and events to celebrate 50 years since the publication of ‘The Mersey Sound’ by Liverpool Poets Adrian Henri, Roger McGough and Brian Patten. I discovered Brian Patten’s work in my early 20’s after splitting up with a boyfriend. I read Love poems until the spine fell out of the book, but I still have it and I occasionally revisit it.

The first thing you notice is the amount of colour in the exhibition. All 60’s fonts and mixed colours and there is a sense of deep nostalgia looking through it all. The exhibition has been curated by Catherine Marcangeli, who is the partner of the late Adrian Henri. My quick visit turned into an hour and it was the best hour.

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The font on this book and the design is beautiful and is completely timeless.

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I like on this cover, that all bases are covered, Birkdale for the golf, Runcorn Bridge, New Brighton, Bidston. I looked to find out more about the festival as I wanted to see the artworks and literature they used and what was shown but there doesn’t seem to be that much. There are mentions HERE and HERE. I will keep looking.

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Look at this cover! I have been looking for a copy ever since but it is not this one I have seen.

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Summer with Monika, I read years ago and I think there is still a copy in the loft. It is weird really how much I associated this exhibition with things in my life from years ago. Maybe as Liverpool is near to me or that my family are from there, the places I used to go to or the company I kept. I don’t know.

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The atrium of Central Library.

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I took a small trip before I left to see my favourite book cover of all time. George Maws- The Genus Crocus. I have always been fascinated by it and Faith Shannon’s cover design is perfect. She is someone I really admire and the breadth and design of her work is wonderful. You can read more about her HERE.

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Exhibition leaflet- The exhibition is on until the 15th July 2017 in the Hornby Library. More about the events surrounding it are HERE. There is also a radio show on BBC Radio 4 where Roger McGough and Brian Patten discuss the making of The Mersey Sound. Listen HERE.




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